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Ultra-Ever Dry Sprayers
23 junio, 2015
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Ultra-Trench Filter Boom
23 junio, 2015
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Ultra-Grate Pyramid

Protect inlet structures from sediment and debris during construction

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Grate Pyramid - Yellow Onsite

  • Reusable inlet protection device covers storm drains keeping dirt, sediment and other contaminants from entering the storm system.
  • Quickly and easily installs on most storm drains. Removal of grating is not necessary.
  • The heavy duty frame forms a sturdy barricade over most drop inlets - providing a prominent marker of where the drain is located.
  • High-flow, geotextile filter skirt stops sediment and debris while allowing the filtered water to enter the catch basin.
  • Built-in overflow prevents ponding during major rain events.
  • Attaches easily with provided attachment hooks.
  • High flow reusable filter provides excellent flow rate. Replacement filters are available.
  • Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL requirements.

Ultra-Grate Pyramid
Part# Description
in. (mm)
lbs. (kg)
9186 Fits 47” - 49” Grates 49 x 47 x 48 (1,245 x 1,194 x 1,219) 36.0 (16.5)
9187 Fits 50” - 71” Grates 71 x 50 x 48 (1,803 x 1,270 x 1,219) 52.0 (23.5)
Replacment filters available
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