Ultra-Dewatering Bag, Reusable Model
Ultra-Dewatering Bag, Reusable Model
23 junio, 2015
Ultra-Silt Dike
Ultra-Silt Dike
23 junio, 2015
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Ultra-Gravel Bags

Ultra-Gravel Bags

Heavy-Duty Bags Provide Quick And Easy Sediment And Erosion Control.

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  • Gravel bags are a basic BMP (Best Management Practice) used to meet regulatory requirements for stormwater and erosion control.
  • The sizes are industry standard and allow the user to fill them up with as much or as little gravel (not included) as the application requires.
  • Different sizes lend themselves to different applications; from drain protection to erosion control at construction sites.
  • Made of very high quality polymer material that is woven into shape - eliminates the flaws and failures of sewn edges.
  • High UV rating allows multi-year life in sun and elements.
  • Rugged material and construction can, in most instances, withstand being driven-over, a typical problem with lesser bags.
Ultra-Gravel Bags ®
Part# : 9780 Part#:9781
Dimensions: 19" x 28" (483 mm x 711 mm). Dimensions: 19" x 250 yards (483 mm x 228.5 m)
Weight: 60 lbs. (28 kg) Weight: 75 lbs. (34 kg)
Quantity: (250) bags / box Quantity: one continuous roll
Model:  Individual, orange. Model:  Roll Form, orange
Part# : 9782 Part#:9783
Dimensions:11" x 48" (280 mm x 1220 mm) Dimensions:11" x 96" (280 mm x 2439 mm)
Weight: 60 lbs. (28 kg) Weight: 60 lbs. (28 kg)
Quantity:(250) bags / box Quantity: (125) bags / box
Model: Individual, green Model:  Individual, green.
Dimensions: (2) rolls 11" x 250 yards each (500 yards total)(280mm x 228.5 m)
Weight: 80 lbs. (36 kg)
Quantity: two continuous rolls
Model:  Roll Form, green
Material Specifications
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