Ultra-Spill Pallet, Flexible Models
Ultra-Spill Pallet, Flexible Models
15 junio, 2015
Ultra-Spill Deck P2 Bladder System
Ultra-Spill Deck P2 Bladder System
15 junio, 2015
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Ultra-Spill Deck P1 Bladder System

Ultra-Spill Deck P1 Bladder System

Hidden Containment Bladder Automatically Unfurls To Capture Large Spills Or Drum Leaks

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  • The first and only low profile, single-drum containment unit which meets EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and Uniform Fire Code Spill Containment Regulations.
  • Compact 25 7/8" x 30 1/2" footprint saves valuable floor space - perfect for single-drum waste collection usage.
  • Small spills and leaks are captured in the 11-gallon sump.
  • Large, catastrophic leaks flow into the bladder through a bulkhead fitting.  Protective "trap door" opens automatically to allow bladder to unfurl.
  • Rugged, double layer polyethylene bladder allows 66 gallons total containment.

Ultra-Spill Deck P1 Bladder System ®
Part# 1320
Dimensions: 25 7/8" x 30½" x 5¾" (657 mm x 775 mm x 146 mm)
Weight: 27 lbs. (12 kg)
Containment Capacity: 77 gallons (291 L)
Sump capacity prior to spill entering bladder:  11 gallons (41 L)
Uniformly Distributed Load:  1,500 lbs. (682 kg)
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Option:  Loading Ramp Part# 1089
Dimensions: 24" x 32" x 5¾" (610 mm x 813 mm x 146 mm)
Weight: 17 lbs. (8 kg)
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